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JensonThis is Jenson, he is a 16 month old black German Shepherd. 5 months ago, he was close to being rehomed. He hated going on lead, pulled on lead and barked at anything and everything, ruled the house, stole, chewed furniture, charged and barked at all other dogs and worst of all gave me concussion when he rounded me up with his lead on, tying my legs up and then ran in the opposite direction, knocking me to the ground. It was at this point that my husband decided to call Barkbusters and we were introduced to Lee Hardy.

From the time Lee walked through the door the atmosphere in the house changed for the better, Jenson realised that he was no longer top dog and Lee explained what had been happening and how we could make our lives better and how Jenson could be a more relaxed and happier young dog.

Through a series of exercises and training within the home and out walking, Jenson has become a little gentleman to be proud of. Instead of constantly barking when we have visitors he just lets us know they are there and doesn't jump up. He no longer trips me up going up and down stairs but waits until I am either at the top or bottom and then follows. He waits for me to go through a door first and when we are eating our meal he goes and lay's down quietly and doesn't beg.

Lee also brought his own dog out to us and we did training using Jenson and Lee's dog and by the time the lesson had finished Jenson no longer chased other dogs and was quite happy to follow me round and was completely relaxed.

I still have a long way to go with Jenson but we have achieved so much in 5 months and I am so proud when people admire him in the street when he is walking close by my side. Our family are very grateful to Lee Hardy and Bark Busters and we can ring him or e mail without feeling guilty or stupid with any problem we have with Jenson.

Thank you Lee.

M. E.


RobbieI’d had 3 dogs before, including a Sheltie and had raised them all from 8 weeks old without any problems. Then we had Robbie – a beautiful, affectionate Sheltie puppy. He was cute and totally adorable but despite all our efforts he behaved like a hyperactive, highly excitable noisy toddler. He would stand and bark at us hysterically apparently for no reason at all, he’d bark at the birds, at a plane overhead, at visitors etc... He would even stand and bark at the kitchen wall if there was nothing else to bark at. And he wouldn’t stop.

He was determined to start world war three, with the dog who lives beyond the fence at the bottom of the garden and would get into an uncontrollable frenzy of barking when let out into the garden. We’d tried every training method out there and nothing worked.

On walks, his manners when meeting people and other dogs were totally unpredictable and we began to worry that his excited lunging and barking at them were the beginnings of aggression.  Taking him to 2 different training classes had not helped at all.  He was seven months old and we really needed to find some answers before he got any older.

We found Bark Busters on the internet and to be quite honest it all sounded too good to be true. The reviews were pretty impressive, but you can’t believe everything you read online, can you?  But, a lot of the dogs’ problems described did sound similar to Robbie and we were pretty desperate by then so we went ahead and booked our first session with Lee.

When Lee arrived Robbie did his usual frantic barking routine and this continued while Lee listened to us talking about Robbie’s behaviour, all the time observing Robbie closely. We were relieved to hear that he didn’t think Robbie was aggressive, and could be helped. It was quite funny to be asked to put Robbie out of the room (so he couldn’t hear what was said about him???) while Lee told us what to do.

During that first visit we tried this out under Lee’s instructions and to our amazement it actually worked! At our first attempt we could now stop him barking, and stop him attacking the fence at the bottom of the garden. It really was impressive, and within 24 hours it was obvious that Robbie was a changed dog. He was much calmer and more relaxed and much more responsive to us, and he seems happier for it!

Since that first visit we have not once had any out-of-control barking sessions – we can now stop him after the first 'wuf'.  He’s still the same loving playful puppy, but his frantic barking has stopped. He still needs to work on his manners with other dogs and his lead walking is much better after only a few days practising Lee’s methods. But the improvement in his behaviour generally is huge and gets better every day.

We’re sooooo... pleased we found Bark Busters and Lee has been fantastic. Its still early days and Robbie is by no means perfect but we have every confidence that Lee will help whenever we need it and everything he has taught us so far has worked. Robbie is much calmer and he’s going to be the best behaved Sheltie in the world !!

Hilary & John 


TillyThere are always a number of concerns when you decide to adopt a rescue dog, there's usually a good reason why they are there in the first place! As a family with two teenage children we decided that the time was right to bring a dog into our lives and help give a rescue dog a nice home to live in. Having spent a number of weeks visiting the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth we eventually all liked the personality of a little dog from Ireland called Tilly. She had very little history and had only been in the centre for a short while, "she is not very playful" we were told and "we are not sure how well she gets on with other dogs but she seems okay with people".

We eventually bought Tilly home a couple of weeks after our first introduction and all appeared well. Over the next few days we stated to introduce her to friends and took her out for many walks to see how she reacted to other dogs. Here is where the fun started, we quickly established that she didn't react well to people coming into the house; she did not like dogs (at all) and appeared to have no road sense and was not used to being walked on a lead. This was not the type of dog we had been looking for and our thoughts had turned to trying to understand what we should do next.

A friend of ours suggested contacting Bark Busters and getting one of their home dog trainers to assess Tilly and provide solutions to her behaviour. This is exactly what we did and after agreeing a one year contract Lee Hardy arrived one Saturday afternoon to meet with the family. Lee spent the first hour taking lots of notes and getting to understand Tilly's behaviour by just talking to each member of the family. He explained how she feels as a new edition to the family and we needed to understand pack behaviour and control. He demonstrated a number of techniques for us to work with her on and to agree to review her progress every two the three weeks and at each subsequent meeting we would tackle each issue in turn.

Well this is the reason for me writing this, we have now had four meetings with Lee and Tilly's behaviour has just got better and better. By using different techniques and obtaining the invaluable support from Lee we now have a dog that has truly enhanced our family life. It's hard to understand the impact of contacting Bark Busters until you actually pick up the phone and get them engaged with your dog. We all love our dogs however we can get frustrated and anxious when their behaviour effects our enjoyment and satisfaction of having a loyal and affectionate pet.

Once you agree your 12 month or even Lifetime contract, Lee will be on hand to help you with your dog's progress. He mentioned that on one occasion he met with one family 21 times in 12 months to ensure their dog's behaviour was impeccable. It's worth the investment, believe me.

I attach a photograph of Tilly with Lee and Duke (one of Lee's dogs), remember before Lee came on the scene she wouldn't go anywhere near another dog.

Steve E 


JackThank you so much for your assistance with our dog Jack. As you know Jack is a rescue dog - we absolutely love him to bits but there were certain aspects of his behaviour that we were finding very difficult to say the least!

Our main issues included;

  • Jack not coming back when called - he always came back but only when he wanted to!
  • Jack's over exuberance when we had visitors - he constantly jumped all over guests, cups of tea and plates went flying. If we invited people for dinner, he jumped all over them whilst we were trying to eat.
  • Jack's over the top approach when meeting other dogs - he would often growl and jump all over them, which most dogs didn't appreciate.

We had bought several books (on training and breed specific), took Jack to training classes for weeks (where he spent the whole time rolling on the floor and other dog owners were told to avoid him!) and sought advise from dog owning friends. Nothing seem to make a difference - one friend had told us to put Jack in another room when he jumped on guests - Jack thought this a great game as it meant chasing him round the house in a bid to catch him! We had invited everyone for Christmas Day. We had grave concerns about Jack jumping on elderly relatives and hurting them. I always felt anxious when taking Jack for a walk and dreaded seeing another dog. I searched the internet (in November 2010) and came across the 'Bark Busters' website. I decided to call and am so pleased I did!

Within the first session Jack had stopped jumping up and instead greeted visitors calmly - to the extent my Mum queried whether he was the same dog. All of my friends and family were amazed at the change in his behaviour. Christmas Day went without a hitch (the house was very busy with lots of people, lots of food about and Jack was an absolute star - by the end of the day he even had David's Dad, who claims not to like dogs petting him!).

The recall improved dramatically after the first session but was still not one hundred percent. However, I just wanted to let you know that after our second session we have had one hundred percent, first time recall (its only been a week, but for us this is fantastic - never been known before!)

We have also since met other dogs - this too is going very well, a huge improvement. Once again I cannot believe the difference in Jack's behaviour.

Lee, we are so grateful to you! We really appreciated your insight in to our situation, your understanding and your explanation of why Jack was acting the way he did (mainly because of the way we were behaving). The training methods are so simple yet so effective. I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made to us all - suffice to say now I look forward to walking Jack, feel confident when meeting other dogs and enjoying having visitors. I'm pretty sure that Jack is happier too as he knows what is expected of him. We think he is more confident as he knows we are in charge and he doesn't have to be!

I have recommended 'Bark Busters' to friends. They are so impressed with how his behaviour has improved and continues to improve - he is a great advert for your training methods in himself!

Thanks again,

Rachel, David and Jack



Two pleased as punch owners with Jed's progress with Bark Busters; never thought we would see the day where he would sit calmly next to another dog. Really impressed with the training so far & how quickly we have seen results. Thanks to trainer Lee & his Husky Duke.

Sarah & Jon

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