Bark Busters Dog Training Derby Testimonials

"Lee made me feel at ease and explained everything easily, I was so impressed how macey reacted to my commands and how easy Lee taught me. When Lee left I used his method and she responded straight away, Amazing."
L.M., Warwick, Warwickshire 28th August 2015

"Lee came at a time when we were finding our new rescue dog very stressfull and we actually felt we had made a mistake taking a rescue dog into our home. Lee was very professional, he talked to us for a considerable amount of time, made his assessment within a few minutes which enables us to see our new dog in a very different light. After our first session we were 100% convinced we had made the right choice and since that session our dog is improving every day. He gave us some excellent pointers on how to deal with different situations from leaving the dog alone to visiting the vets. I cannot recommend his services enough and are looking forward to working with him and our dog Ceaser."
E.H., Burton on Trent, Staffordshire 9th August 2015

"The training was very good. The dog was responsive after the first hour. The trainer was very informative and helpful. We were very comfortable in his presence and he soon assessed the way to proceed for the training in the home environment. We have seen a difference in the dogs barking behaviour although this is now a work in progress."
J.S., Swadlincote, Derbyshire 3rd August 2015

"During my first session Lee was calm and extremely professional. He changed my perception that Penny was stubborn to the fact she is nervous. My first session was eye opening and the training provided was easy to follow and gave immediate results. Can't wait to see penny grow in confidence and have a happy and stress free life."
J.P., Rugby, Warwickshire 22nd July 2015

"Lee was thorough in his training, explaining the procedures and changes we need to implicate and the reasons behind them. We thoroughly look forward to our next session."
C.P., Spondon, Derbyshire 8th July 2015

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the first visit from Lee! I loved how quickly max responded to the training techniques, I really struggle with Max pulling and wanting to chase cats and not being too friendly towards other dogs and seeing how well he has responded is such a massive relief. For the first time I took Max for a walk instead of him taking me and was so enjoyable instead of a chore. I'm so glad I just went for the training and cannot praise Lee enough for the help and clear, understandable advice he has already given."
S.H., Derby, Derbyshire South 7th July 2015

"Cooper absolutely loves Lee which gives me the confidence that the Bark Buster training techniques are the best. After only one session Cooper was responding to the training which is so simple. We have seen an amazing transformation in him. Lee is lovely and you can tell he genuinely cares about his job. He is full of useful information and treats Cooper with such care. I will definitely be recommending Bark Busters to anyone who needs help with dog training."
A.F., Coventry, Warwickshire 6th July 2015

"Our first lesson with Lee was brilliant. Although I'm sure we do lots of things with Ernie we shouldn't, he wasn't judgemental at all and didn't tell us 'that is wrong, you shouldn't do that'. Instead, he got us to focus on what we wanted to change about Ernie's behaviour and any potential triggers we could think of. The techniques are simple and easy to remember, and work in lots of circumstances which is great."
J.B., Solihull, West Midlands 3rd July 2015

"Very pleased with the work Lee has done so far with Jack, he is calmer in the house and responds better to commands. We are looking forward to working with Lee on lead work later this month"
P.D., Ockbrook, Derbyshire 3rd July 2015

"Lee first came to see me on the 17th March which was then followed up by another visit about 4 weeks later. Since then I am given 'homework' to carry out and then report back every 2 weeks. Since the very first visit, everything has improved. The initial problem I thought was bad aggression when Faroe was on the lead but Lee has explained that Faroe is lead reactive. Anyway, Lee's advice and subsequent training of 'me' have worked wonders. I now have good control over all three dogs and because I now understand why Faroe was behaving the way she did and because Lee has taught me how to anticipate and then deal with the situation, I have confidence in myself and the dog and no longer have to walk miles out of my way to avoid other dogs! Lee clearly knows and understands dogs and their owners incredibly well. His advice was clear and simple, his training methods and techniques clearly work and he is very patient! When I was struggling with one piece of homework, he was able to adjust his advice so that I could work with Faroe to get things right. Lee clearly doesn't just think 'one way suits all' but is able to look at each dog/owner and help them. I had tried two other trainers, both who made my particular situation worse. Lee came straight in and after listening to everything and observing he gave me advice that worked instantly to help me get more control. Thanks to his methods, I now have my confidence back, a calmer dog, a clear idea of what I want to achieve with them and definitely control. Although Faroe isn't 'perfect' yet, we are a long way down the line and every day she shows more signs of improvement. I would like to add that she was a rescue dog with a few 'issues' but because of Lee's help it is not just the lead problem I have been able to improve. I would not hesitate to recommend Lee and Barkbusters to everyone. The man is a genius! Thank you."
L.M., Ashbourne, Derbyshire South 2nd June 2015

"Lee was really good - even after only one session things have improved a lot and the boys are much calmer and are responding to what Lee taught us."
S.M., Newhall, Derbyshire 27th May 2015

"A massive thanks to Lee at bark busters, he's helped us with our 17 month old sharpei cross Marcel... After Lees first visit there has been drastic improvements with Marcels behaviour... Only 2 days after Lees visit i feel as though i have a totally different dog! Theres no more leaping onto sofas, barking and jumping up at others in the home and overall a much calmer dog! Couldnt thank Lee enough!!!"
X.M., Leicester, Leicestershire 17th May 2015

"First impressions are that Lee is a professional and capable trainer. No doubts whatsoever that he can complete the training we require."
K.F., Derby, Derbyshire 16th May 2015

"We are SO impressed with the service we have received from Lee Hardy. He's been working with us and our very friendly but naughty 8 month old Italian Spinone, Gypsy. Her constant mouthing, pulling on the lead and jumping up on people as they came through the door was becoming an issue. During the first session, Lee worked with us to correct the way she 'greeted' people at the front door. She now goes to sit half way up the stairs as soon as the doorbell rings - and is pretty good now at not jumping up when people come in. The mouthing has stopped completely. After Lee's second visit, her lead work is much improved. Gypsy seems more happy and laid back - as are we! We still have some work to do but Gypsy's progress in such a short time has been amazing. Thank you, Lee."
H.I., Nr Coventry, Warwickshire 27th April 2015

"Lee came out to see our new puppy, Alfie, who had quite a few problems, play biting, jumping up at people etc. I have to say the service we received from Lee was amazing and we now have the above Issue's under control! We do need to see Lee again for more advice which is available under the guarantee. I can highly recommend Lee to anyone who has problems with their dog."
W.S., Coventry, Warwickshire 18th March 2015

"We were amazed at the difference in our dogs after the first visit, they no longer jump up at the window barking at anyone and everything that goes by and it is now a pleasure to walk them instead of a nightmare. Our neighbours are very impressed they can't believe they're the same dogs, we used to get dragged up to the fields at the end of the road but after only 1 visit Lee had them walking at heel looking forward to the next visit from Lee when we will be concentrating on recall although I must say they have already improved on that due to the training, wish we'd have done it a year ago"
S.B., Nuneaton, Warwickshire 10th March 2015

A.A., BELPER, Derbyshire 1st February 2015

"Lee was brilliant with Molly. The training that he did with us has been easy to continue on our own and we are seeing real progress. He has some fantastic ideas and is lovely to work with for both us and for Molly. Lee came into Molly's environment and was able to adapt a training plan considering her triggers and behaviours."
N.A., Coventry, West Midlands 28th January 2015

"The training so far has worked for both dogs, we have a set back with Jack, due to other dog walkers letting their dogs run off the lead when there on there walk and they run straight to our dogs, it has made him aggressive again when he see's another dog. He now wears a muzzle for our /his protection. I know Lee is always at the end of the phone and he makes plenty of house calls. We know he's only a phone call away. It's a good reasurance for us both."
M.H., burton on trent, Staffordshire 28th January 2015

"We are very happy with the two visits by Lee and found both very useful. Archie is coming along well and responding to training although he still has his moments! We feel the therapy was worth every penny and will be contacting Lee again when we arrive home in March just for a chat/update and if we feel we might need another visit."
R.S., Burton on Trent, Staffordshire 27th January 2015

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