Bark Busters Dog Training Derby Testimonials

"After a week of putting Lee’s advice into practice, the results have been astonishing! There’s still lots of work left to do but he made us feel confident in the methods he showed us and was incredibly supportive...just brilliant!"
J.F., Donisthorpe, Leicestershire 13th April 2018

"Lee was excellent with the dogs On entering the dogs were in a delegate room jumping at door and barking consistently for 15 minutes until Lee took control of the situation. We opened the door and all the dogs launched out barking. Lee showed us how to calm the dogs stop the barking and respect my visitors personal space Training is on going it’s been nearly a month now but recite progress Looking forward to catching up with Lee and next steps off lead and outdoor training"
T.B., Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 13th April 2018

"We only just got started last night but can already see a real improvement in the way Ginny responds to us in the house. On our morning walk today - no jumping at all! We still have some work ahead of us but feeling really positive that our lovely, clever girl will be even lovelier and calmer in the future!"
C.H., Derby, Derbyshire 11th April 2018

"Lee definately has the magic touch with dogs. My little penny doesn't like men at all especially when they are near me. Lee taught me how to control her I'm in charge and in control of the situation and worked with me for a few hours in how to communicate with penny. I cannot believe a couple hours in and she was sitting on his lap on the sofa very relaxed and at ease. He is coming back soon to help me with her walking but in over a week she is a new dog already with me using what he has taught me. Its gave me the confidence to dicipline her when I need to and she seems a much happier dog knowing her boundaries. Cannot wait for her next session. Thank u so much lee."
S.M., Nuneaton, Warwickshire 3rd April 2018

"A very good start to the training and we have already seen a significant improvement in both of the dogs."
J.C., Wellesbourne, Warwickshire 26th March 2018

"Introducing our adorable loving Bud, a 4 yr old cross breed who is highly intelligent, very energetic and very loving. We have had him from a puppy, took him puppy classes, socialised and boarded him with other dogs. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Bud began to shows signs of perceived aggression to dogs he didn’t know, yet at the same time play merrily with dogs he does know. Confused we called in Bark Busters. Lee visited us on 3rd March 2018 to help us with our boy Bud. Lee spent over 2hrs with us, listened to what the issues were whilst at the same time monitored Bud and his behaviour. Lee was thorough with his explanations and then began to educate us on how to let Bud know what was not acceptable with a simple command. Starting with small steps we worked on walking on the lead, Bud loved to lead from the front (yes believing he was in charge). The new technique worked instantly and continues to work 2 weeks later. This has not stopped his attitude towards other dogs but has allowed us to have better control over Bud and making walks more leisurely without 25 kilo of dog pulling on the lead. Lee revisited us 2 weeks later on our request without hesitation and introduced us to a couple more techniques, we are only 2 days into practising these, but Bud being intelligent is working it out quickly. Bud was always good on the recall, however, following Lee’s advise, Buds recall is on another level, he is returning with gusto. Still a long way to go but we are pleased with the results so far. A big thank you to Bark Busters and especially to Lee. Looking forward to our next education."
I.H., Derby, Derbyshire 20th March 2018

"Lee is very knowledgeable and managed to stop our Giant Schnauzer from pulling on the lead right from the very first visit. Thanks Lee."
L.C., Mickleover, Derbyshire 13th March 2018

"Oh my goodness, the results were instant, we have been to other trainers, but always came away not feeling very confident and sometimes a little unsure about the techniques. This was totally different, we saw instant results and how to obtain them ourselves and where we had been going wrong. Our tornado on E numbers monster has become the most chilled out delightful dog. We are aware that the training is ongoing, but have the security of being able to get in touch for back up when needed. Thank you so much, I wish I had found you sooner!"
B.S., Derby, Derbyshire 6th March 2018

"Amazed at how fast the results were. Jake was surprised too! Now I have to put it all into action and maintain it. Lee gave me such a confidence boost which I can transmit to my dog. There is so much 'advice' available on dog training, some of it quite contradictory, but Lee's instructions were crystal clear and made complete sense. I am so grateful."
D.G., Loughborough, Leicestershire 4th March 2018

"Only has the first consultation but Lee was very helpful and I look forward to working with him."
G.M., Leicester, Leicestershire 3rd March 2018

"Good first visit from Lee. Early days but we are hopeful with more training we will achieve better behaved dogs"
A.S., Derby, Leicestershire 18th February 2018

"Lee was very helpful.We were surprised how Toby reacted to his commands on the first visit."
B.E., LOUGHBOROUGH, Leicestershire 30th January 2018

"Klaus is my first ever pet, initially I was going to try and train him myself by watching YouTube tutorials, but after a week full of failures I finally decided that I needed some external help. Calling Bark Busters was the best decision that I made when it comes to Klaus's training. The techniques that Lee told me to use worked straight away. I was very impressed. I was a little sad that I had to call for external help, but I have realised that Lee is essentially training me to train my dog. I am very happy with Klaus's behaviour. I am even more excited that this was only the first session. I cannot wait for the next training session!"
N.P., Leicester, Leicestershire 4th January 2018

"Lee was very informative and listen to all the issues we had with our Tazmanian devil dog once outside, simple but effective technique to correct his very strong behaviour. Very interesting to learn about behaviour dogs use to asssert place In Pack which you wouldn’t always think of but make so much sense! The best thing which none of the other dog trainers we have tried did was that lee didn’t take Alf off me and show me what he wanted I did it all and this way understood a lot more. Excitied to see where this goes now!"
A.S., Corley, Warwickshire 11th December 2017

"Going well so far waiting for next visit when we take her out"
D.W., Swadlincote, Derbyshire 3rd December 2017

"Lee gave us lots of advice and training techniques with Dewi's food and behaviour to start off with as this was his first visit. The things Lee advised us to do regarding the nibbling and jumping up, was quite a success straightaway and after Lee had gone we had quite a good response from our 5 month old puppy when we carried out what he had told us to do. Not been able to control our dog hardly at all when he keeps chewing things and jumping up and biting, even though he thinks he is only playing. So it has been a bit of nightmare at times. This technique, even in its early stages, seems to be working so it will make a big difference. Lee explains everything in a very straightforward way. He has made me feel confident about actually getting somewhere with the training instead of feeling like it has been 1 step forward and 2 back."
S.F., Kilburn, Derbyshire 27th November 2017

"Absolutely awesome. Jack was 10 weeks old and we had had him a week. He would not settle in the crate so we were experiencing sleepless nights because of his barking,whining and crying. He was completely stressed out. Lee visited us after the first week and observed Jack around us and our other two dogs. Lee explained that Jack was not suffering from separation anxiety as I thought but letting us know that he was the boss. Lee introduced us to the technique. Within half an hour, Jack was in his crate and sleeping soundly. I used the same technique when it was time for bed and after 15 minutes Jack was settled and asleep. We used this technique for a couple of nights but Jack now goes to bed straight away with no issues and only cries to let us know that he needs the toilet. Mostly he sleeps through from 10 o’clock until 6 in the morning. We are continuing with the training with further home training visits booked. I cannot reccomend Bark Busters and Lee enough."
R.H., Derby, Derbyshire 19th November 2017

"We felt that Lee understood the frustrations we were facing and he gave us some practical advice and techniques to assist in the training. Whilst we don’t expect it will be a ‘quick fix’ we feel confident that we have the first steps in an achievable plan."
P.M., Loughborough, Leicestershire 14th November 2017

"Lee was fantastic very patient and good knowledge of specialist area.Went over things until we were comfortable and Zippy responded so well.Clearly it was us that needed training. The difference in Zippy is amazing still a long to go,but Lee instills the confidence in the owners to know it will happen and Zippy will be happier and us"
M.W., BURTON-ON-TRENT, Staffordshire 26th October 2017

"My main problem with marj was pulling on her lead. I was amazed with her first training session that she was listening to what I was saying and following me. I was worrying that maybe she was only doing as she was told because lee was there but I’m now nearly a week into her training program and it’s going really well. Lee explained everything clearly and I’m really pleased and looking forward to future lessons."
C.L., Derby, Derbyshire 12th October 2017

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