Bark Busters Dog Training Derby Testimonials

"Lee was very informative and listen to all the issues we had with our Tazmanian devil dog once outside, simple but effective technique to correct his very strong behaviour. Very interesting to learn about behaviour dogs use to asssert place In Pack which you wouldn’t always think of but make so much sense! The best thing which none of the other dog trainers we have tried did was that lee didn’t take Alf off me and show me what he wanted I did it all and this way understood a lot more. Excitied to see where this goes now!"
A.S., Corley, Warwickshire 11th December 2017

"Going well so far waiting for next visit when we take her out"
D.W., Swadlincote, Derbyshire 3rd December 2017

"Lee gave us lots of advice and training techniques with Dewi's food and behaviour to start off with as this was his first visit. The things Lee advised us to do regarding the nibbling and jumping up, was quite a success straightaway and after Lee had gone we had quite a good response from our 5 month old puppy when we carried out what he had told us to do. Not been able to control our dog hardly at all when he keeps chewing things and jumping up and biting, even though he thinks he is only playing. So it has been a bit of nightmare at times. This technique, even in its early stages, seems to be working so it will make a big difference. Lee explains everything in a very straightforward way. He has made me feel confident about actually getting somewhere with the training instead of feeling like it has been 1 step forward and 2 back."
S.F., Kilburn, Derbyshire 27th November 2017

"Absolutely awesome. Jack was 10 weeks old and we had had him a week. He would not settle in the crate so we were experiencing sleepless nights because of his barking,whining and crying. He was completely stressed out. Lee visited us after the first week and observed Jack around us and our other two dogs. Lee explained that Jack was not suffering from separation anxiety as I thought but letting us know that he was the boss. Lee introduced us to the technique. Within half an hour, Jack was in his crate and sleeping soundly. I used the same technique when it was time for bed and after 15 minutes Jack was settled and asleep. We used this technique for a couple of nights but Jack now goes to bed straight away with no issues and only cries to let us know that he needs the toilet. Mostly he sleeps through from 10 o’clock until 6 in the morning. We are continuing with the training with further home training visits booked. I cannot reccomend Bark Busters and Lee enough."
R.H., Derby, Derbyshire 19th November 2017

"We felt that Lee understood the frustrations we were facing and he gave us some practical advice and techniques to assist in the training. Whilst we don’t expect it will be a ‘quick fix’ we feel confident that we have the first steps in an achievable plan."
P.M., Loughborough, Leicestershire 14th November 2017

"Lee was fantastic very patient and good knowledge of specialist area.Went over things until we were comfortable and Zippy responded so well.Clearly it was us that needed training. The difference in Zippy is amazing still a long to go,but Lee instills the confidence in the owners to know it will happen and Zippy will be happier and us"
M.W., BURTON-ON-TRENT, Staffordshire 26th October 2017

"My main problem with marj was pulling on her lead. I was amazed with her first training session that she was listening to what I was saying and following me. I was worrying that maybe she was only doing as she was told because lee was there but I’m now nearly a week into her training program and it’s going really well. Lee explained everything clearly and I’m really pleased and looking forward to future lessons."
C.L., Derby, Derbyshire 12th October 2017

"Lee came to our house for the very first time today to meet our dog. He was very good on giving us advice and training and was very supportive. He taught us a lot and built our confidence up by telling us that our dog can be trained after we thought it was too late since he isn't a pup. We will continue to do the training on a daily basis and look forward to our next visit from Lee. Very pleased. Thank you Lee"
B.E., Leicester, Leicestershire 23rd September 2017
Trainer's Comments:
I even did the hoovering

"Although Jess only lasted 20 minutes, the hour spent with Lee was very helpful and the techniques he showed us as a family are working really well."
A.F., Shepshed, Leicestershire 13th September 2017

"lee was excellent. He took the time to go through everything with us and explain the things we had to change to correct hollys behaviour. He was amazing with our dog and we loved the fact that he still wanted to keep Hollys personality and didn't want it to get lost in certain aspects of training and that we can sill give her love and affection but on our terms. after just one session we've seen a big difference already its great."
M.P., BURTON UPON TRENT, Staffordshire 12th September 2017

"Very pleased with the training techniques given to us and demonstrated by Lee our therapist. Washy has reacted incredibly well to them in a short period of time. Overall very happy."
C.W., Coventry, West Midlands 9th September 2017

"Everything was explained to me clearly so i understood what to do. Lee drew up a plan of action, and gave me some rules and a training check list to follow. I have already seen a huge difference in my dog and her behaviour is improving every day. I feel more confident with my dog and am now able to take her for a walk on my own for the first time."
A.T., Derby, Derbyshire 30th August 2017

"Lee was wonderful from the minute he entered our home. He had a completely positive outlook and encouraged us to allow Pablo free rein of the downstairs but in a controlled manner. We practiced everything Lee taught us and saw improvements within the first 24hrs. Pablo rarely bites now and is really coming along with all his training, he's on the road to becoming a beautifully trained and happy dog."
N.B., Shipston On Stour, Warwickshire 25th August 2017

"Was very sceptical to start with, but proved to work within 20 minutes. Brandy was exhausted after the two hour session. Looking forward to our next session."
S.W., Derby, Derbyshire 13th August 2017

"We have been amazed at how quickly we have been able to control both Archie and Ozzy's lead pulling whilst out walking. With the tools Lee gave us we began to see amazing results even after the first home meeting and a week into the training both dogs aren't barking or being aggressive to other dogs which was our primary objective for this training. We obviously still have lots of work to do but so far we are thrilled with the results."
H.B., Belper, Derbyshire 12th August 2017

"Very Good, clear explanation of techniques and how to use them.Izzy seemed to pick up the training very quickly. We will be continuing the training ready for the next appointment. We are both very happy with the training and Lee"
L.C., Derby, Derbyshire South 3rd August 2017

"Since the arrival of a new pup, my Tibetan Terrier, Wilson, has become aggressive when he sees other dogs. This has caused obvious stress and concern, hence my contacting Barkbusters. The Strategies provided by Lee have been excellent and now, with consistency on our part, I feel positive about managing Wilson's behaviour."
S.B., Hilton, Derbyshire South 3rd August 2017

"Information given was instructive and helpful. Lee has a calm and reassuring manner which was perfect for us and Ginny."
A.B., Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2nd August 2017

"Lee introduced us to new techniques and re-trained us . We used a dog behaviourist (not through barkbusters) previously but admittedly got complacent and our dogs reverted back to their old ways. Not this time!!!! Our boys are coming along in leaps and bounds, no longer jumping up, pulling on the lead. Barking is now a rarity and they respond when corrected. Also introducing a dog whistle on their walks for recall is working a treat. We haven't perfected everything yet but we're only just over a week into our training, so we are really pleased with the outcome so far. Taken so much stress away from our home and on our dog walks. Also knowing we can call on Lee anytime and he will revisit us when (if) necessary makes it money well spent."
C.S., Birmingham, West Midlands 17th July 2017

"The training we received was easy to understand and simple but seems to be very effective, very welll demonstrated by Lee and helps each member of the family to use a simple technique to work well, very good first impression and really looking forward to taking training forward to the next level, fantastic overall advice with dietary needs and all other areas, covers a lot of ground on first lesson and yet not to much to take in and seems to be working well for saying it's only been 1 week, very very impressed and will continue to use and recommend to everyone!!"
J.M., Derby, Derbyshire 13th July 2017

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