Bark Busters Dog Training Derby Testimonials

"Lee was very punctual and easy to talk to. He was very honest in telling us that due to her age and previous gun dog training she may never be totally reliable at recall when in full flight but gave us some excellent suggestions that may help to improve things. We are working with Tetley and have seen some improvement in her recall. He also gave us a suggestion on how to have more control when we walk her with our daughter's dog which has had spectacular results."
S.Y., Gaydon, Warwickshire 3rd March 2017

"So sassy is a 6 year old miniature shiatsu with a massive attitude and naughty, barks at everyone and generally hard work, Lee came to see us on 28th Feb and oh my gosh what a difference in just a few days, his advice was amazing and she is actually doing really well I am very proud of her progress You can teach an old dog new tricks!! Thank you so much and looking forward to doing more."
P.C., Coventry, West Midlands 3rd March 2017

"Excellent information and understanding provided on why Vespa was pulling and how to fix it. It is now a pleasure taking him for a walk rather than being dragged around the streets of Warwick, it is still a work in progress but things are a lot better."
S.L., Warwick, Warwickshire 28th February 2017

"Toby was 15weeks old and chewing everything, A week has passed and he is improving everyday. We still need more help with walking and recall but Lee will be coming to see us again soon. Toby is definitely a better behaved dog and on meeting 5 of our grand children in one go he was surprising good with them."
H.A., Coventry, West Midlands 24th February 2017

"Very helpful exercises to practice with Coco. Lee explained thoroughly and patiently everything we needed to do to address the issues we have with Coco. We are working with Coco and have noticed an immediate difference. We have not yet experienced all the scenarios which impact on Coco's behaviour but intend to remedy this before Lee's next visit. We are highly optimistic for the future in terms of Coco's behaviour. We are amazed at how quickly she has adapted but, although we are biased, she is a very clever dog!"
S.I., Leicester, Leicestershire 24th February 2017

"Lee was great , he was very helpful & after 1 session we already feel like we have control back with Mia."
J.M., know, West Midlands 18th February 2017

"There was much for me to learn. Lee explained everything carefully and simply. We had a good first session and I certainly learnt a great deal. It has been a week now and the dog is walking much better on the lead, around the streets but it is early days yet. The information Lee left was very useful."
E.B., Derby, Derbyshire 7th February 2017

"Very informative and impressive first session. Duffy very responsive to techniques shown- I guess it's now over to us to practice!"
C.P., Solihull, West Midlands 4th February 2017

"We were very pleased, Lewis seemed to calm right down after a short space of time"
J.H., Barton-undr0Needwood, Staffordshire 20th January 2017

"I don't know who those dogs were that appeared when Lee was in the room but they sure weren't the "disobedient/unruly beasties" I'd been with just a few minutes before!!! Lee arrived promptly for our training, he listened to our "problems" without judgement or blame & gave us clear & precise instruction. A lot of what he said was common sense that we just hadn't seen or picked up on (our poor boys - they must've been so confused for the last few months!!!) He showed us how to read our dog's personalities (which we had all wrong!) and pick up on the warning signs, fear, aggression etc and how to deal with it After a thoroughly enjoyable few hours Lee left us feeling confident with a few aides and homework until our next session in a couple of week's time...can't wait!"
D.G., Shepshed, Leicestershire 7th January 2017

"Excellent. Lee listened to our issues and gave some sound advice. He gave us tips on what to do and showed us techniques for specific issues. There has been a definite improvement."
J.B., DERBY, Derbyshire 4th January 2017

"lee was very good and explained what to do very well"
J.M., bedworth, Warwickshire 30th December 2016

"Lee came out and asked some questions about Milo's behaviour in which his reluctance to walk was a major concern. We walked Milo a few times on a road that he is particularly frightened of, due to buses/lorries and the Vets been at the top of the road. Milo improved a bit each time."
B.P., Birmingham, West Midlands 13th December 2016

"Lee is a fantastic trainer and is helping so much to correct the issues we have with our young springer. We noticed a massive difference following the first session and were able to manage the behavioural difficulties with more structure. We had a massive problem with getting our dog to walk on the lead as he pulled so much he has pulled me over before and following the first session we had him walking to heal. Lee has been back out again since and has progressed the training to build on what we learnt in the first session. We are really happy with the support and advice lee has offered us and are looking forward to having a dog we enjoy walking again! Thanks for you help so far Lee, we look forward to working with you over the next 12 months."
S.M., Coventry, West Midlands 27th November 2016

"I have had 2 sessions now with Lee and I am overwhelmed at the difference in my dogs. I honestly never thought I would be able to get them to do what they do now. Had issues with getting them out the house for a walk calmly, attacking each other on the lead and pulling, that have all been stopped now. I feel I still need some help with other issues but so far so GOOD! I know have 2 calm border terriers that walk to heel, ( with checking ). I would certainly recommend Bark Busters and Lee to anyone. I am so pleased with my results so far."
N.M., Derby, Derbyshire 26th November 2016

"My first session was encouraging and everything Lee recommended felt do-able and sensible. He was thorough and I was pleased he didn't rush our first session. I'm not sure I am making the progress I hoped I would but that is down to 'me'. I have every confidence that Lee will tell me where I might be going wrong at our next session."
L.S., Derby, Derbyshire 23rd November 2016

"At The Moment We Are Trying To Sort Out Toby's Anxiety Towards The Road And Traffic, And Then moving On To Other things."
R.F., Birmingham, West Midlands 21st November 2016

"Very informative first session with Lee Now I need to keep practicing what I've been shown, so far Milo is responding well and I'm very pleased with his progress after only a week Looking forward to future training sessions to expand on what I've already learned and get further help and advice with Milo"
J.C., Solihull, West Midlands 11th November 2016

"The instant reaction to the methods that we were given to control Martha within the house were quite remarkable and we were very impressed with the dogs response."
D.R., Blackfordby, Swadlincote, Derbyshire South 1st November 2016

"Excellent first lesson can't believe how different Oscar was in the first 30 minutes would recommend Lee"
J.H., Derby, Derbyshire 26th October 2016

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